Vitulus, pronounced Vy-tool-us, cattle stud is one of Australia’s larger and most successful breeders of purebred Ausline cattle. Their attributes are very appealing to a wide range of producers including the commercial cattleman due to their low birth weights and early maturity patterns, calving ease and shorter gestation periods and those with smaller acreage due to their size, docility and increased stocking rate.

In 2015 we introduced Native Angus genetics into our herd by importing semen from two bulls from the Dunlouise Stud in Scotland so we can expand our commercial market. Native Bred Angus are actually the purest form of Angus genetics in the world with no outside introduced genetics. For us they provide more depth and muscle to our animals without compromising the traits such as low birth weights, easy calving, feed efficient and the ability to  moderate frame size of commercial breeds. They make the perfect heifer bulls for our commercial clients.

Vitulus is in Queensland and is situated just over one hour away from Brisbane in the beautiful Lockyer Valley with magnificient views of the World Heritage listed Main Range National Park.

Vitulus has won over 100 Grand Championship awards across the Eastern states, five Royal show carcass championships, numerous led steer placings and more recently been placed in Branded Beef taste competitions.

We produce both stud and commercial cattle of both breeds. Stud Manager, Margo Hayes, coming from a rural background (a property of some 7,000 acres wherein both cattle and sheep were run) began breeding Australian Ausline & Lowline cattle in 1996 due to the advantages to both the commercial cattle industry and the small acre farmer. Margo has been President of the Ausline Cattle Association Inc and is excited about the new markets this breed will allow its members to develop. She also spent seven years on Council of the Australian Lowline Cattle Assoc and chaired the Association’s Marketing and Promotions portfolio as well as being on the Executive Committee of the Australian Registered Cattle Breeder’s Association. She is committed to and passionate about the future the role the smaller breeds of cattle have within the beef industry.In 2010 she judged at Royal Brisbane Show; in 2005 and again in 2007 she was invited to judge at Christchurch Royal Show in New Zealand. In January 2006 she was the guest speaker at the American Lowline Registry’s annual dinner which was held during the Denver Show’s 100th year celebration. In March 2007 Margo was a guest speaker at Thailand’s International Agriculture Festival. In 2008 the publication of her book titled “Small Cattle for Small Farms” by CSIRO was released. In  2016 the second edition was released.

Vitulus’ progeny have been sold to nearly all states in Australia including South Australia and the Northern Territory. They are continually expanding their export market for semen, embryos and live cattle with sales so far to include the USA, Central America, Thailand, New Zealand, England, Ireland & Italy and ongoing negotiations with a number of other new countries. In January 2004 Vitulus was the first Lowline Stud in the world to export semen to Thailand. In 2006 Vitulus was the first Lowline Stud in the world to export embryos to Great Britian and Ireland and live Lowline to Thailand. In 2010 they were the first stud to ship embryos and semen to Italy.


The Genetic Advantage

The focus is to supply superior genetic material, which are sourced from all over Australia to obtain a diverse and successful genetic pool to meet the demands of the stud and commercial beef industry. The Vitulus female herd is chosen carefully so that they are quiet, fertile, feminine, sound, possess good milking ability and as such are a uniform cowherd. The criteria they want their bulls to exhibit include: fertility, masculinity, temperament, mobility, marbling, and structural soundness. It is these bulls, which will perform in both the stud and commercial environment.

The Vitulus Customer

Our market research (which includes the geographics, demographics, psychographics and the geodemographics) has shown that the average customer, excluding the commercial buyer, has small acreage, is a dual income producing household, has had minimal previous experience with cattle and there is a high percentage of women and children involvement. As such they want small, quiet, high value cattle. This is why it is so important that we provide such detailed and on-going after sales support.

The Vitulus Guarantee

Vitulus is synonymous with quality. The facilities and stock are first class with undercover embryo transplant facilities and feeding stalls, bull sheds, laneway system, improved pastures and fully irrigated pastures. All stock come fully registered, are fertility guaranteed and DNA tested. Furthermore we GeneStar test for Marbling, Tenderness & Feed Efficiency. This is supported by continued after sales service and expert advice.

After Sales Service

vitulus1-sThis is what Vitulus is all about. Vitulus guarantees to look after its customers for as long they require, providing them with all the necessary information and help them need. We produce regular newsletters, run Care and Management Courses,  provide free advice and host information days. To help facilitate this service we also offer a fitting service where we will also show your cattle for you. We will break them in, train them and show them at both Royal and local shows, as you are able to tap into the staff that Vitulus already employs. The results speak for themselves with many of our clients winning and becoming broad ribbon recipients.

Ausline Cattle Association now incorporates RedLine™

vitulus4-sVitulus is very excited about its Redline cattle which, to date, are derived from registered purebred Lowline. We incorporate both Canadian, American and Australian genetics. Whilst the Australian Lowline Association does not recognise the colour red, other international Associations do and so does the new Ausline Cattle Associaton. Ausline also has a commercial register allowing percentage cattle to be registered. Vitulus has the largest red herd in Australia.  Their first red  bull calf born in August 2005 ‘Vitulus Awesome Red’ (whose semen rights were sold to the USA for $25,000) still resides at Vitulus whilst the majority of other red stock has been exported to the USA. The red gene and the wild allele are evident within the Angus herd and as Lowline are derived from Angus (Vitulus can trace its lineage back some 35 years) one would expect the colour red to appear at some stage. We have proof that Trangie bred Red Angus genetics which is why they are evident in Lowline. In actual fact in the USA the red gene is far more predominant in Angus than the black. These RedLine animals have been identified with the wild Allele and in 2015 we included the true red gene and are now included in the Ausline.

The Science behind The Red Gene

To find out more please go to our RedLine & Ausline page where the latest research and evidence we can provide is detailed. We have also developed a breeding and probability program, which will help us, produce more RedLine. Now that we have red heifers and bulls, from different lines, we have been able to produce a number of red progeny.

The benefits of red coloured animals are self evident for the northern environments as red cattle are not as affected by the heat, as the red colour reflects sunlight better than black, and they seem to be less affected by insects. This is not only evident in Red Angus but also Senepol, Bonsmaras, Brahmans and Belmont Reds to name a few. It is important to note that to be classified as Red the animal must have apink nose and tongue and not just a red coloured coat.

Want to know more about our Cattle?

We have a wide range of quality stock for sale including commercial cattle as well as licensed semen from our Show Winning Bulls and as such, welcome all enquires. Perhaps you would like a copy of our DVD, brochure, continue to browse through our website or come and visit our cattle in person?  All our cattle are registered in the Ausline herd book which is a great place to view their pedigrees under the database search. www.auslinecattle.com.au