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Thank you for the help, time and advice you gave us.  I really do miss showing.  I enjoyed that.  In my opinion without doubt you would have to be the major driving force in the acceptance of Lowlines in this country and I think you have done a fantastic job.  Their acceptance would be no where near advanced without your efforts. John McDonnell (04.02.10)

My daughter and I attended the work shop day at Vitulus in April 2009, having previously attended an Open Day. We went along thinking that we had chosen our breed and were really wanting to learn more about day to day care for small cattle on our 80 hectare property. But it very quickly became obvious that this was a great educational day- we learnt so much on so many aspects- from the pros and cons of electric fences, to cattle yard and crush set ups, and came away wanting to do more research on the best breeds for us. Above all, it was open and honest teaching- no pushing of Lowline and Vitulus – but opening our minds to a variety of options. We really appreciated Margo and her helpers time- I am sure they have not heard or seen the last of us. And the social aspects and Lowline beefburgers for lunch were great. Dr John Jackson

Greetings Margo.
John & I want to thank you again for the time you spent with us last week. We both learned a lot and appreciate your advice and expertise. Your stud and the business you created are really quite impressive. You have a very nice herd of Lowlines. Seeing other operations helps me to see ways we can develop our ranch into a viable business. John & Sherree Lounsbery. Clementine Ranch USA

Your book arrived yesterday. I have started to read it and parts of the course are flooding back to my memory. It is well written and structured to the point it is a reference book as well. Thank you so much. Brett Carson

Have finished reading your book, have enjoyed immensely. Have learnt heaps and found it very informative and thought provoking as well as answering many questions it has made me ask myself a few also. need to read it again to take in more.

Hi Margo.
Thankyou for having that field day we all learnt so much and you are a credit to the cattle industry and we are definatly coming back next year.
Cya Mitch

Many thanks for the open day on Saturday. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely and gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of Lowline and cattle in general. A bit of a change from our city lifestyle. It was good to see some of the animals in the flesh after seeing them on the net and studying their pedigrees. Looking forward to your book coming out, forgot to leave the form so will post it this week. Thank you once again for the time and effort that you and your staff put into making the day so informative and enjoyable.
Mark & Cherie Teeboon

I just wanted to tell what a wonderful day you put on. I really enjoyed being there and seeing all the cattle.
Many thanks Narelle Colston

… And I would like to say you have exceptional customer service.
Thanks again, Jess.

Hi Margo.
I’m very excited at the moment. I went down to the yard to tonight to put the ‘girls’ away (for safety, they get locked up in a yard each night) and couldn’t see them. This is unusual as they’re always there waiting to be fed. So, I thought that either something was wrong or heaven forbid – they’d got out somewhere. But no. When I went down to the back paddock to have a look, there lying on the ground was a little calf!!!! Cos I’ve had a bad experience with dogs killing all my sheep in the past, I wasn’t taking any chances with this calf. I brought them back up and they’re safely locked in the stable overnight. That’s where they’ll go each night until the calf is a bit bigger. The calf is a healthy, jet black male. Very cute. Needless to say, I was on the phone to everyone letting them know my good news!I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, I’m that excited! I just thought you’d like to know that all went well for Emma. How is Anastacia going? Hopefully, Yes Yes Yes has been on the job! Ok, cheers for now.
Margaret McDonnell

Hi Margo,
Thanks for the advice re the semen. We really enjoyed your open day. I found it motivating. You have a very professional operation. I was particularly taken with your breeding herd. The consistently uniform standard of confirmation was what stood out for me.
Regards, Peter Sullivan.
Lowline Breeder from New Zealand.

I have seldom come across such a good website and want to congratulate you on it. It is excellent. Informative, interesting, user-friendly and inspiring. I am afraid that is all I have to offer, as a lay-person with an interest in cattle which had me trawling through to find out more about Belted Galloways. I had seen some here in New Zealand. All strength to you and to your enterprise.
Admiringly yours, Judy Home

Dear Margo
Hi! I was at your recent Field Day and enjoyed it very much. I am new to the Lowline breed and to be honest, had never heard of them until seeing them at the Ekka and reading about them in a couple of small farming magazines. My family lives on 4 ha and I would like to have some cattle. I was unsure as to what breed, but I think the Lowlines suit our needs perfectly. At present, I’m in the process of developing the pasture and setting up paddocks, yards etc. I didn’t want to rush in and buy the cattle and then put them onto substandard pasture and arrangements, even though they (the cattle) are extremely appealing. To date, I have 4 main paddocks fenced (with 5 strand wire, 3 of which are electric). I have a bit more fencing to do before bringing the cattle home. The additional fencing will make it easier to move the stock from one area to another without too much stress for either them or me (yes, they’ll be mainly my babies!). I’ve read the Lowline magazine that I got at the Field Day and I’m interested in the breeding side of things. I realize that due to the small size of my home that I wouldn’t be able to have large numbers of cattle. Is breeding even on a small scale, even an option? I hope that you don’t mind, as I know that you are very busy, but I have a few questions as I prepare our place…… Thank you for your time, and once again, thank you for providing a very enjoyable Field Day.
Yours sincerely, Margaret McDonnell

Hi Margo!
Before I go any further, I’d like to let you know that “Nation” is going great guns, and he’s the best investment I’ve made for a long time. As a commercial Hereford breeder, he really has proven to be a huge asset in joining him to heifers. I have had to waste no time in pulling calves from females joined to him. And the calves are such healthy, vibrant, active calves that it’s amazing. In fact, Nation has gone to a Hereford Stud up the road for 3 months. The owner came to me to find out more about the Lowlines, as he had heard I had one on the grapevine. He had pulled a few calves (which of course knocks the stud heifer around as well) and he has previously tried Jersey bulls for his heifers (but of course, he had trouble selling the progeny). He was really keen to try one, but of course was reluctant to duck out and buy one. So he’s giving Nation a season to see for himself. I haven’t a use for him until Christmas, so it’s worked out well for both of us.
Kindest Regards, Juanita Lucht, Texas

Hello Margo,
thank you for a beaut day on Saturday. I enjoyed all the activities at your annual field day and also took the opportunity to speak to several people who were having their first look at Lowline Cattle. Your property is an excellent example of what can be achieved with very good management and the understanding of cattle breeding, the property certainly sets a very high benchmark in cattle breeding and marketing.
Regards Bob & Judi Thorne.

Hello Margo
Thank you for your hospitality last Friday, we had a very enjoyable and informative visit to your Stud. Were impressed with your cattle and your property, a credit to you. Would be appreciated if you could again give the product name of the supplement feed that is being given to Yandilla, I will order some in for him, would like to hold his beautiful condition so that he will not be a problem when show time comes along.
Regards Kerry Gowland

Just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with our cows. I keep trying to pat “Stella” as we have called her but she is a bit wary of me still. Once again, thanks for being so helpful and getting us started.
Kind regards, Karen. Pine-Lea Organics.

As a brand new couple into the Lowline scene, I feel it appropriate to through our excellent journal, convey our appreciation for not only the assistance we’ve been given but also to express our delight at experiencing the general spirit of co-operation and friendliness of those we have so far met in the Lowline fraternity. As a couple of former big-city dwellers (having subsequently sailed the Whitsunday Islands for nearly 10 years) the desire to sample a different lifestyle became impossible to ignore and latent feelings to experience country life re-emerged most vigorously. Despite wifely misgivings and reservations, this resulted in the purchase of some 25 hectares of gorgeous undulating to hilly country in the Warpunga Valley, Kin Kin, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and only 30 minutes from Noosa.
The events which followed in the setting up of the property, including building a new residence, becoming involved the local community, provide a litany of hilarious stories and events which exemplify the pitfalls and delights of a city dweller’s entry into country life. Needless to say the progress, the fun and the occasional element of frustration at times has been totally enjoyable and satisfying, and the end result (sometimes a little slow) has been very rewarding and completely up to expectations.
Apart from enjoying our new surroundings and lifestyle (and paying huge slashing bills!) we needed also to satisfy our desire to constructively use the property, and after a lot of reading, research and asking questions we decided to breed lowlines given the parameters of our property.
Through ACLA, who have at all times been most helpful, we were advised the names of various studs and having read the Journal and website material, our original approach and discussions were held with Margo Hayes of the Vitulus Lowline Stud. Margo’s advice and direction have been instrumental in the make-up of our current herd (now totalling 30) her first recommendation being the purchase of our very beautiful and favourite bull Maximillian of the Sante Fe stud. Subsequent purchases have been from a wide variety of studs ensuring a good cross section for breeding.
All the breeders we have dealt with and spoken to during and after our purchases have been exceedingly helpful and co-operative, and the cumulative advice and assistance from all quarters has more than adequately proved that to go the lowline way was indeed the right one. We would like to say thank you to all and believe that the spirit and goodwill of the Association’s members will ensure a lot of enjoyment and an exciting time ahead.
Hank & Faye Schilte
Kin Kin Lowline Stud