The Export Market

Vitulus Leads the Way in Developing New Export Markets

Vitulus stud is the first in the world to export live Lowline and Lowline semen to Thailand, embryos and semen to the EU and South America. Vitulus genetics are now exported as either semen, live cattle and/or embryos to the EU, New Zealand, America, Central America, Canada and Thailand. In actual fact both the Grand Champion Female and Bull at Denver, USA 2008 were sired by gentics exported by Vitulus. The same Grand Champion Bull won again in 2009. Denver is the largest showing of Lowlines in the world with over 250 entries.We have also been a finalist in the Queensland Export Awards and hosted gatherings for Austrade at the Denver National Western Stock Show in the USA.

We were also the first to export red lowline semen to the USA with Vitulus Awesome Red arriving in early 2007 as well as the first red embryos produced.

Our export genetics contains the elite of the breed selected from within Australia and aimed at providing our overseas clients with the broadest genetic selection base as possible. Remembering that qualification for export to many overseas countries requires many months of quarantine.The embryos produced represent the highest quality genetics obtainable and so represent excellent value for your dollar.

European Union

2014: We are very excited to announce that 25 export quality embryos and 400 straws of semen have arrived. The embryos are from a range of females and bulls that we have collected over the years. The semen is from our bull Vitulus Full Force who is triple registered with the American Lowline Association, ALCA and Ausline. His semen is now stored in England. They will go to six new clients which is exciting for the development of the breed in England. This now makes to date the fifth shipment that Vitulus has done to the EU.

 Lowline Embryos to Italy: February 2010. An agreement between Vitulus Lowline Stud and Italy’s largest independent semen distributor has seen the recent sale of 12 embryos and two hundred straws of Lowline semen to Northern Italy. The independent AI Company is headed by one of Italy’s most experienced dairy personnel with 35 years experience working as a sire analyst of the Holstein Breed. Their company also markets semen from their own Holstein bulls and import semen from the USA and Canada.  Lowlines to Italy

In addition another 20 embryos have been sold to England to two new studs so we look forward to lots more Lowlines in Europe.

In 2006 Georgie and Waid Helyer (Langford Stud) purchased a number of EU qualified Lowline embryos from Vitulus. In 2007 five were born. The EU market is one Vitulus and Langford are keen to develop and will be working on a number of projects to help expand this new market. Vitulus currently has a number of females in a flushing program and one new bull to expand the genetic base in the EU. This is in addition to the two bulls already collected.

United States of America

Progeny sired by Vitulus genetics sold for US$9,000 at the USA Denver National Western Show and Sale January 2009 and 2008. European Vitulus has a sent semen from a number of bulls to the USA including Vitulus Has to be Red, Awesome Red, Vitulus ExceptionabullColombo Park Zeffirelli, Vitulus Yes Yes Yes and  Kintyre Dundee. Please contact us directly if you would like to buy any semen or semen certificates. In addition we have sent a number of shipments of live cattle of both red and black cattle.

2015: Vitulus Has to be Red is the only registered bull in Australia with the true red gene. His semen is stored in the USA and provides a different genetic base for those wanting to breed red animals.

South America

In December 2005 Vitulus sold the rights to Vitulus Awesome Red to Francisco Zeledon from Alta Genetica to represent Vitulus genetics in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada and the USA, Mexico and South America. Francisco has been in the genetics business for some 20 years and is a leading player on the international market. His farm is in Nicaragua and he represents a number of breeds.


The Ubon Ratchathani University purchased semen to use over the small Thai Native cattle where studies are being conducted with the F1 performances under a grass-based feeding system comparing the results to other larger breeds mainly Braham-based which are common in Thailand. The University explains:

We expect to get small crossbred cattle that suit the limited resources available especially in the North-East of Thailand, i.e. strong, good grazers, disease/heat resistance, prolific, that grow fast with a good quality of meat. This would lead to a new concept of beef production in Thailand.

Vitulus bulls (that were breedplan recorded) were specifically chosen for this project due to their small birth weights, early maturing patterns, high bone out percentages and carcass quality. For the majority of local butchers in Thailand cattle that are slaughtered in the morning have to be sold by the afternoon due to the lack of refrigeration facilities. Whilst the local Thai cattle offer the disease and tick resistance needed for that climate it is envisaged that crossed with Australian Lowline they will be able to produce, although still small, a much heavier and better eating quality carcass. The first of the calves were born in April 2005 and the Ubon University were so pleased with the progeny that they decided to start their own Lowline Stud. Vitulus began this program by exporting two bulls and two heifers in October 2006. In the meantime the 1st cross calves have been compared with the local cattle in some feed trials to compare weight gains. Weight gains of in excess of 100kg more have been recorded the Lowline cross cattle when compared to the native cattle.


Another Shipment  in 2008. Another crate load of Lowlines was also sent to Thailand in 2008. A new venture going to the south of Thailand this time saw Vitulus Yes Yes Yes, Amberfield Brietling and two other Vitulus heifers provide the genetic base for a new project.

Our breeding constultants are available to assist in all aspects of your program and export requirements.