Embryos For Sale

We do collect export quality embryos. Our speciality is to custom produce them with the genetics specificed. All are recovered under export / import protocol of the customers country – whether that is  the EU, USA, Canada, China or Malaysia .

1.EU & USA Qualified out of a true red gene carrier. 3x A grade embryos collected in 2016 and more on the way!
Dam: Vitulus Hi Flyer
Sire: Colombo Park Debussy 

These embryos are unique in that these genetics from the dam have not been exported before and have not been available outside of Australia. The dam carries the true red gene and the sire is an outstanding well muscled sire.

2. EU Qualified .   4x A grade embryos collected in 2012 @ $1,000 each
Dam: Burnt Creek Quilla x 1
Burnt Creek Pearl x 1
Burnt Creek Nancy x 2

Sire: Vitulus Full Force

Lovely long females that we purchased specifically to flush due to their length, volume, and genetic diversity. Full Force is on our sire page.

2. Qualified for South Africa, Nicarauga, Costa Rica and Canada.  14 embryos@ Price $700 each ALL SOLD

Dam: Wyzenbeef Lady Waratah
Sire: Colombo Park Zeffirelli
These same genetics have produced Vitulus Chicks Rule..one of our most successful animals. Both parents were Royal Show Broad ribbon winners. Waratah would have to be one of the biggest females we own and Zeffirelli one of the longest bulls we have seen. These embryos have gone on to be winning progeny in Canada. 

4. EU Qualified  27 embryos @$1,200 each.  ALL SOLD
Brambletye Bronwyn X Colombo Park Zaccaria     15 A grade embryos
Tinnenburra Zarzuela X Colombo Park Zaccaria   4  A grade embryos
Tinnenburra Yolanda x Colombo Park Zaccaria     2 A grade embryos
Tinnenburra Yolanda x Ardrossan Lincoln             5 A grade embryos