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As the focus increases in the beef industry on end-product quality and consistency Vitulus, as seed stock producers, face that challenge to provide genetic material that will assist breeders in obtaining improved results. The ideal beef animal should be structurally sound, with a good constitution, fast growing and have a heavy muscled carcase that carries a minimum fat cover. Vitulus also places great emphasis on temerament as it is heritable and can be measured and thus selected for. We also GeneStar test our animals and have been doing so since the beginning of 2003.

Our Females

This is just a selection of some our ribbon winning breeders . We have sourced our genetics from all over Australia to obtain a diverse and successful genetic pool. We have chosen our female herd carefully so that they are highly reproductive, consistently producing, good milking, feminine, quiet, sound and as such, uniform cow herd because if you start with inferior quality cattle you will only breed inferior quality cattle. Our main selection factors are:

  • fertility;
  • longevity;
  • milking ability;
  • temperament ;
  • body shape (in particular length), size and capacity.

Our Sires

The criteria we want our bulls to exhibit include: fertility, masculinity, temperament, mobility, marbling, and structural soundness. It is these bulls which will perform in both the stud and commercial environment. All sires used and produced at Vitulus are tested for Marbling, Tenderness and Feed Efficiency as well as Breedplan recorded.

A bull purchased today will affect herd productivity and profitability for the next 15 years. If a bad gene is introduced into your herd and can be identified within two years, it will take you around 25 years to breed it out. Good genetics once introduced into your herd, works like a compounding interest rate at a bank.
– “How to Select Bulls for High Profit Beef Herds” Holmes Sackett & Associates Pty Ltd

Vitulus has a range of options available to enable you to access our highly awarded and performance recorded bulls. They include leasing, purchase of a share, outright purchase and licensed semen.

1. Leasing

This option suits those breeders who don’t want the hassle of running a bull for 12 months of the year or perhaps don’t have the space. In relation to Vitulus genetics it is a very affordable way to access some of the best genetics in the breed with impecable show records. A lease period is for 3 consectutive calendar months and costs $1100.

2. Purchase of a Share

The Association (ALCA) allows for up to 5 shares to be sold in any particular bull. Vitulus has a limited number of shares available in its show winning bulls. This is a very affordable way of purchasing some of the best genetics and also provides you with an investment which can then be onsold or leased.

3. Outright Sale

Due to our adherance to strict production guidelines only a limited number of purebred bulls are sold each year. These are detailed on our sale page.

4. Licensed Semen

We have an exceptional bank of licensed semen available. These include:

  • Colombo Park Zeffirelli ($88 per straw)
  • Vitulus Awesome Red ($100 per straw)
  • Vitulus Champion ($100 per straw)
  • Vitulus Acquisition ($88 per straw)
  • Murrumbong Roulette ($88 per straw)
  • Burnt Creek Kelvin ($88 per straw)
  • Kintyre Robert the Bruce (now deceased) ($88 per straw)
  • Vitulus Winner ($88 per straw)
  • Brambletye Commodore 111 ($88 per straw)
  • Brambletye Untouchable ($88 per straw)
  • Brambletye U357 ($88 per straw)
  • Trangie L252 ($88 per straw)
  • Trangie M419 ($88 per straw)
  • Kintyre Dundee ($55 per straw)