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Vitulus Has to Be Red EDe

Has to Be RedDOB 10.10.12
Sire: Abaminga Ferdinand
Dam: Southern Cross Libra




This bull is the only bull in Australia collected and about to be exported that carries the true red gene. Vitulus identified and arranged the original DNA to find this true red gene in this line some 10 years ago and now we have a bull that is well and truly worthy of being called quality. As soon as he returns from collection we will post some more photos.

Vitulus Gotta Be Red E+E+

Gotta Be Red PaddockDOB 28.09.11
Sire: Vitulus Awesome Red
Dam: Camdon Dot

Height: 122cm

Weight: 550kg

This bull has won four Royal Show Championships and two interbreeds (including Brisbane, Toowoomba and Canberra). All by the age of three. He may not be large but he is a pocket dynamite of muscle. His calves are all showing that expression of muscle. As one of Australia’s leading seed stock producers said: “he is the best small breed bull he has ever seen” Alaistair Bassingthwaighte.

Vitulus VIP

Herd Book No. 3251
Tattoo GOZ V014
DOB 01.06.00
GeneSTAR 0 -Star for Marbling, 4-Star for Tenderness; 5- Star for Feed Efficiency
A big masculine bull with lots of mobility and length. The sire of this bull has produced many Royal Show Grand Champions and his dam is perhaps one of the best lowline females alive today.

  • Grand & Senior Champion Bull (Royal Brisbane Show 2003 & 2004)
  • Senior Champion Bull (Royal Toowoomba Show 2003)
  • Grand and Senior Champion Bull (Gatton Feature Show 2002)
  • Grand and Senior Champion Bull (Royal Brisbane Show 2002)
  • Grand & Senior Champion Bull (Royal Toowoomba Show 2002)
  • Reserve Jnr Champion Bull (Gatton 2001)

    Kintyre Robert the Bruce

Herd Book No. 2149

Tattoo KLC T013
DOB 01.02.98

Dam TRANGIE K057 (TRA K057)
GeneSTAR 5-Star for Tenderness; 1-Star for Marbling; 6- Star for Feed Efficiency

If you want a bull that will produce show quality stock then this is the bull for you. Kintyre Robert the Bruce is a really long, well muscled bull, and so mobile.

Robert won lots of Grand Championship awards including twice Grand Champion Bull at Royal Brisbane Show

Gunna Gumpy Hercules

Herd Book No. 718Tattoo HJG R001
DOB 26.10.96
Sire TRANGIE K237 (TRA K237)
Dam TRANGIE M275 (TRA M275)
GeneSTAR 6-Stars for Tenderness; 1-Star for Marbling, 5- Stars for Feed Efficiency
A long soft deep fleshed bull with tremendous depth and volume. Structually very correct with the most beautiful temperament….so quiet our four year old dayghter rode him. His progeny are to die for.

Winner of 5 Grand Championships including Senior & Grand Champion Bull at Brisbane Royal Show 1999

Vitulus Yes Yes Yes

Herd Book No. 4935
Tattoo GOZ Y105
DOB 06.09.03
GeneSTAR 0- Star for Marbling, 4-Star for Tenderness; 6-Star for Feed Efficiency
YES this bull is special! His progeny have won both here in Australia and in the USA. As a young bull he won Grand & Jnr Champion Bull at the Farmfest Feature Breed Show in 2004 at 9 months of age. Then Grand and Jnr Champion Bull at Royal Brisbane & Royal Toowoomba Show in 2004 at 11 months of age. Well sprung ribs with plenty of mobility. He has provided some new genetics for our latest line of females.

  • Interbreed,Grand  & Junior Champion Bull (Royal Brisbane Show 2004
  • Interbreed, Grand & Junior Champion Bull (Royal Toowoomba Show 2004)
  • Grand and Junior Champion Bull (FarmFest Feature Breed 2004)
  • Sired Grand Champion Female Denver, Colorado USA 2007 and top priced progeny in Auction
  • Sired  Grand Champion Carcass Royal Brisbane Show 2007


Colombo Park Zeffirelli

Herd Book No. 5382
Tattoo CPS Z017DOB 09.07.04
Sire Appertarra Randy (BLD R005)
Dam Colombo Park Violetta (CPS V015)
Height 125cm
Weight 500KG
EMA 80
SCAN 11/7
GeneSTAR 7-Stars for Tenderness; 7 -Stars for Feed Efficiency; 1-Star for Marbling
Want to add Growth, Length and Style. This bull was purchased as an outcross for Vitulus and in particular for his growth traits. A half brother to the Grand Champion bull at Royal Sydney Show 2006.

  • Grand Champion Bull Royal Brisbane Show 2006 & 2005.
  • Reserve Junior Champion Bull (Beef Australia 2006)
  • Produced Grand Champion Bull Denver Show 2008 and
  • Grand Champion Female Royal Brisbane Show 2008.

Vitulus Awesome Red

Tattoo GOZ A200
DOB 16.08.05
Sire Vitulus Y-Red (GOZ Y097)
Dam Goan Black Opal 5 (GOA R025)
Height 125 cm
Weight 550kg
GeneSTAR 5-Stars for Tenderness, 5 -Star for Feed Efficiency, 0- Star for Marbling
This bull is out of registered purebred Lowline parents. He is registered in the American Lowline Herd book and the Ausline Herbook. His sire has produced a number of wild allele carrying young females and his colour, muscle pattern and confirmation makes Awesome Red a much sort after sire. He was the first red sire exported to the USA.

Reserve Junior Calf Champion (Beef Australia 2006)

Burnt Creek Kelvin

Herd Book No. 3866
Tattoo ABC w042
DOB 31.03.01
Sire Burnt Creek EricDam Burnt Creek Fidelma
Height 126cm
Weight 600KG
GeneSTAR 6-Stars for Tenderness; 5 -Stars for Feed Efficiency; 2-Star for Marbling This bull was purchased as an outcross for Vitulus and we are really looking forward to his 2009 progeny. He has fabulous length and heaps of muscle.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Royal Sydney Show 2004.


Vitulus Champion

Herd Book No. 7509Tattoo GOZ C285

DOB 21.04.07Sire Colombo Park Zeffirelli
Dam Vitulus Tango
Height 125cm
Weight 600kg

GeneSTAR 7-Stars for Tenderness; 7 -Stars for Feed Efficiency; 2-Star for Marbling
His first three shows have already produced two broad ribbons. Licensed semen available. One of the bigger bulls that we have produced and a great carcass bull.

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