Trangie Animals (bred and imported) that our research indicates would have carried the wild or red allele genes. This information if obtained from Angus Society Herd Book Vol.11


Trangie Gera 13th. (Red) HB No. 7645 Born Oct. 1944
Sire: Trangie Revolution 2nd. HB No. 524
Dam: Trangie Gera 2nd. HB No. 3043


Trangie Joan 5th. (Red) HB No. 7650 Born Jan. 1942
Sire: Trangie Edward 4th. HB No. 595
Dam: Trangie Joan 2nd. HB No. 4656


Trangie Poatina. (Red) HB No. NDAU15+U75 Born April 1975
Sire: Trangie Viking. HB No. NDAS119+73
Dam: Trangie Prima Donna 6th HB No. NDAJ04+65


Erison of Harviestoun (Trangie IMP) Produced Red Calves, main source of the red gene in Australia
Sire: Janric of Dalmeny
Dam: Erissa of Harviestoun

The information relating to Erison of Harviestoun who appears in lowline pedigrees and the Lowline Foundation Herd Book can be found at History of Red angus in Australia. In Australia as overseas, some Red calves appeared in black herds. It is generally acknowledged that Baraon Beppo and Erison of Harviestoun, Grandeur of Fordhouse and Benes of Gaidrew were the main source of the Red gene, but a study of the full pedigrees of early cattle coming to Australia and New Zealand, indicate that many other would also have carried the red gene.

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