Vitulus has continued its success in the carcass arena. A Vitulus Steer won the Champion Heavyweight Carcass of the Warwick Hoof and Hook competition. Both steers entered won their respective carcass classes. This competition only has Grand Champion Lightweight and Heavweight Carcass ..they do not have an overall winner.

Class 3 heavy domestic trade, milk teeth, 400-445 kg. This was a 18 month old Limo/Murray grey/lowline steer weighing 410kg.

Class 4 hotel and restaurant trade, no more than 2 teeth, 450-600kg. This was 24 month old Limo/Murray Grey/lowline steer weighing 530kg. He also won Grand Champion Heavyweight carcass.  This steer was supposed to go to the Royal Brisbane Show but he cut his teeth on the day we were loading so I kept him going for this competition.